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Mixed seating of children; The Education Department changed the instruction

Department of Education has changed the curriculum reform. The question was corrected whether seats should not be arranged in classes without gender difference.The phrase “seat” has been changed to “school atmosphere.” After receiving feedback opposing the plan to seat boys and girls together, the education department altered the idea. The Muslim League approved of the idea.

In the name of gender neutrality, boys and girls would not be permitted to live together, according to Muslim League General Secretary PMA Salam. Children’s attention will be diverted if gender neutrality is introduced. It’s risky for a man and a woman to be together. In the press conference, PMA Salam added that if gender neutrality is imposed, pupils will exhibit poor character.

The proposal is motivated by the enigmatic evil of liberalism. All religious individuals have this issue. Religious beliefs don’t alter according to the seasons. The population fell as liberalism and unrestricted sex spread throughout Japan. Why don’t males show their respect for women by dressing like them instead of forcing them to wear men’s clothing? PMA Salam questioned.

However, the government would not impose gender neutral uniforms anywhere, according to Education Minister V. Shivankutty’s prior statement. Gender neutral uniform requests from schools will be taken into consideration after PTA consultation and notification to the government. There is no unique government requirement. The government’s position has been clarified, but the education minister claimed that misconceptions are still being spread.

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