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Michigan Man Wins Lifetime Lottery Prize of $20,000 Per Year: Report

Everyone wants to win the lotto big time, but it seems that some individuals are just more fortunate than others. In the lottery, luck is everything. A Michigan guy recently won $25,000 a year for life in the lotto. The man created the numbers on his winning ticket using a random number generator he obtained online, according to a UPI article.
The Warren resident, 50-year-old Aaron Essenmacher, claimed to have bought his Lucky for Life drawing ticket on September 15 at the Warren Happy Days Party Store.

Essenmacher told UPI, “I’ve been playing ‘Lucky For Life’ quite a bit lately, and I usually use the same sets of numbers.

“When I bought my ticket, I played the sets of numbers I always play, and then I decided to add another set of numbers,” Mr. Essenmacher continued, “I got this set of numbers by utilising a random number generator I discovered online.”

The five white balls in the artwork were the digits 02-18-27-41-45, according to the source. “The day following the drawing, I was looking up the winning numbers online, and I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that I had matched five! The fact that the numbers I won came from the random number generator astonished me even more. I repeatedly scanned my ticket on the app because I couldn’t believe I had actually won” Mr Essenmacher said.

According to lottery press release, Mr. Essenmacher recently visited the lottery’s offices to claim his prize. Rather than getting a $25,000 (20 lakh rupee) annuity payment each year for 20 years, or until he died, whichever came first. In order to pay off his obligations and take a vacation, he has chosen to receive his winnings as a one-time lump sum payoff of $390,000 (3.2 crore).

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