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Meta-layoffs: Within a week or two of starting, these Indian techies were fired

In order to cut costs, Meta recently disclosed that 11,000 employees have been let go worldwide. Some of these staff members were Indian “techies” who joined the social media behemoth just two or three days before they were let go from their secure employment. The Economic Times said that after the company announced the mass layoffs that eliminated 13% of the entire staff, the Indian employees of Meta were taken by surprise. Two Indian employees who were fired just a few days after starting work are also described in the report.

According to the report, IT specialist Neelima Agarwal posted about her transition to Meta on the social media site LinkedIn. Agarwal joined the social media juggernaut after quitting her position at Microsoft in Hyderabad after two years. The article even mentioned that Agarwal moved to Canada last week from India to join Meta two days ago. The fact that she had to go through a protracted visa application process in order to join the organisation and was regrettably let go after only a few days was also addressed. Agarwal was one of the 11,000 workers around the world that lost their jobs.

Three days before to being let go, another employee named Vishwajeet Jha joined Meta. Jha worked for three years in Amazon’s Bangalore branch before to joining the Facebook parent company. Additionally, Jha brought up the “lengthy visa procedure” and expressed solidarity for all the workers affected by the layoffs. The story continues, “But Meta hasn’t disclosed the country-specific number for the layoffs, and the employees in India are curious about their current work status.”

This week, in addition to Meta, Twitter also disclosed significant job cuts. In addition to cutting more than half of its Indian staff, the microblogging site reportedly let go 7,500 workers worldwide.

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