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Measures on to deal with fever spread: Kerala health dept

The health department has made adequate preparations for dealing with fever during the rainy season. A departmental meeting discussed measures to prevent the spread of fever in relief camps. “Special attention should be given to leptospirosis (rat fever). Those entering water bodies and stagnant water should take doxycycline tablets as a precautionary measure,” said Health Minister Veena George.

“The department will update the treatment guidelines for fever. Fever patients in camps should be separated from the rest to prevent infection from spreading,” the minister said. The minister directed officials to ensure services of health workers in the camps. She also directed that special attention should be given to elderly people with comorbidities, children, and pregnant women.

Directives have also been issued to make masks compulsory and provide vaccination at camps. Medical colleges are equipped to deal with emergency. Plans are afoot to increase bed capacity in hospitals as the number of patients goes up, said the minister. She also asked officers to ensure adequate supply of doxycycline, anti-rabies vaccine and serum, ORS and other medicines to treat lifestyle diseases.

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