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Mattannur Municipal Election; UDF has captured the left power centers

The municipal election in Mattannur vote counting has begun. The latest information indicates that LDF and UDF are engaged in a close combat. LDF has won 21 seats after two rounds, and UDF has won 14. In the fifth ward, Anikari, League candidate Umaiba Teacher prevailed. LDF was losing their seat to UDF.

Divisions like Mannur, Porora, Elannur, Anikari and Perinchery stood with the UDF while Keecheri, Kallur, kuzhikkal, Kayani-Devarkad, Nellunni and Kara etc. were won by the LDF. Last time UDF got only 7 seats. Counting of votes is in progress at Mattannur Higher Secondary School. No postal vote this time.

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