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Mass   rally  in solidarity with  Palestine by IUML

By  our  Correspondent

Kozhikode,  Oct  26  (I VC) A mass rally in solidarity  with  Palestine , under the auspices  of the Indian Union  Muslim League (IUML) ,  was  held   here today.

                A  large  number of people  from various walks  of life  had  attended  the rally. Inaugurating the  public meeting in connection with the rally, the  State  President of the IUML, Sadiq  Ali  Shibah   Thangal  alleged that  the Union Government had  white  washed  Israel  which  was against  the country’s  foreign policy  maintained  for  long.

                Thangal   appealed  to the Central  Government  not  to  continue  its  policy  of white  washing Israel. He said that all laws  of  war  were  being violated by  Israel in continuing  its  bombardments against  Gaza  and Palestine.

                Thaangal  said that those  who  extended     support  to  Israel  in the existing conflict  encouraged terrorist  activities.

                Speaking  on the  occasion Congress  leader, Shashi  Tharoor  M P  said that  the conflict  in West  Asia was  not the subject of Muslim  League  alone, but  it  is  serious  problem of  human rights . Tharoor  appealed to    all  concerned  to  make  their best  efforts  to establish  peace  in West  Asia. The  United  Nations Organization has  to   play  an   import role in establishing peace in West  Asia.                 IUML National  General Secretary,  P  K  Kunjalikutty speaking on the occasion said that prayer and unity as our  great  weapon in the  existing conflict  between Israel  and Palestine  and ultimately  justice  would win.

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