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Martin’s raison  d’etre  to  plant  Bombs  at Kalamassery  a hoax

By  Our  Legal  Correspondent

Kochi, Oct  30 (IVC)    The  contentions  of  the  bombs planter Dominic  Martin   at Kalamassery near here yesterday was  retaliation   against’ anti-national activities’ of  Jehovah’s  Witnesses  could not be taken into  face  value,  according to senior criminal legal experts  here.

                That  Martin’s   confession  before the police taking  the responsibility  of  planting bombs at Kalamassery  was following unwillingness of the JW  to stop ‘antinational  activities’  giving heed  to  his  advice was an “anticipatory  bail” to  mitigate  the seriousness  of  the  felony  committed  by him killing  three persons  and injuring more  than 50  persons who participated at the prayer meeting at the Kalamassery  convention Centre, legal experts said.

No  Central  or State  Government investigating agencies  have found that  JW  were working against the nation.  If  he found  that JW was  going ahead  with the anti-national  activities , why  not did he  bring  to  the  notice of the CBI, NIA and other Investigating agencies? It  is  a rational  question before the investigating agencies.  It  was  not  the proper retaliation to  plant bombs  at the organization’s  prayer meeting.

                The  accused  was an active  follower  of  JW  of over  16   years.  He  is a  well-educated   man  and teaching at the Spoken  English   classes  at Kochi for some years.   Following COVID-19  pandemic ,  classes  for  spoken  English  were  closed and left for Gulf seeking fortune    and he easily secured  a Foreman’s  job in a construction  company.

He came back  to Kochi  on leave two months ago  and started the work  of  making, according to his  confession before the police.  The  accused  knew  well  the consequences  of  killing  innocents  by  planting  bombs     at JW  prayer  meet which  amounted  to  a  felony.

                There  is  every  reason one  to  believe  that  Martin alone could not   be   executed  destructive act  and there would be some other people’s   assistance in  this  regard.    His  irrational  statement  that  JW  held  ‘anti-national ‘ activities  was  to  escape   the  other  accomplices  and hoodwink  the  investigating  agencies.

                The  investigation into  the  bomb  blast  at  Kalamasery would  be    extended  to  the  Arabian Gulf where the accused Dominic Martin was employed  and his life and antecedence there,  the legal experts said. IVC Ckh Kci

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