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‘Mankading’ in run out category, permanent Saliva ban: ICC changes rules

New cricket changes by the International Cricket Council. The most noticeable change is the decision to include Mankading in the runout category, which has been the focus of numerous debates. Additionally, it has been decided to keep the Covid time ban on slobbering the ball. The changes will take effect on October 1st.

Mankading, which has been discussed extensively in the realm of cricket, has been classified as foul play. Ashwin received a lot of criticism for mankading Jos Buttler during the IPL game. Mankading has been designated as runout in the current reforms. During the covid era, saliva on the ball was prohibited to stop the virus from spreading. It has been agreed that this ban would remain in effect after the COVID period.

The bowler was permitted to run out the batsman by hitting the wicket directly if the batsman vacated the crease before the bowler. But it is prohibited going forward. It will be regarded as a dead ball if this occurs. The T20 rule change that permits a fielder to remain in the circle if the over is not bowled in the stipulated time will also be applied to ODIs. If the pitch is bad, hybrid pitches may be utilised with both teams’ consent. In T-20s, the new reform is made.

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