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Mango exports rise to 19 per cent.

By  our  Commercial  Correspondent

New  Delhi, Oct  28  (IVC)    Mango exports  from India  have  risen to  19  per  cent  in the  first  five  months  of  the current financial year  2023-24,  as per the Commercial  Ministry’s  data revealed here   yesterday.

                The  United  States  of  America  has   imported over  2000  metric  tones of  the pulpy fruit , and other  41  have imported  mangoes  from India  this  year, including  new  markets like  South  Africa, Iran  and Czech  Republic,  the  data  showed.

                While  India exported almost 23,000 metric  tones  of  mangoes  worth  a little  over  $40  million between  April and August 2022, shipment  volumes as  well as  values have  risen to  19  per  cent  over  the  same  period this  year, data revealed.

                To  encourage  higher exports to the  lucrative U S market ,  the  Agriculture  Ministry   and  the  Agricultural  and  Processed Food Products Export Development Authority  had invited the  US  Department  of Agriculture’s  animal and plant health  inspection service  inspector for  preclearance  of  mangoes at  irradiation facilities at  Vashi, Nashik, Bengaluru and  Ahmedabad.

                New Zealand emerged  as  the  second  highest importer  of  mangoes ,  with  110 metric  tones of  shipments,  followed  by  Australia (58.4  MT) and  Japan (43.1 MT).  South  Africa    also  imported  18.43 MT of mangoes        after  the  after  the  nation’s officials jointly  supervised the  fruit’s pre-shipment  with  Indian authorities, Ministry’s data  revealed.

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