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Madhu Murder case: HC stayed the trial court’s order canceling the high court bail of the accused

The High Court suspended the decision to revoke the defendants’ bail in the Attapadi Madhu murder case.The trial court revoked the accused’s High Court bail. The High Court granted a stay of this ruling.

On August 20, the bail for each defendant in the case was revoked. The Mannarkkad SC-ST Court issued the order. In court, the prosecution had contended that the defendant had influenced the witnesses by disobeying the bail terms set down by the High Court. The bail was subsequently cancelled.

The verdict of the trail court was examined including the phone records. The prosecution informed the court that the accused tried to influence the witnesses directly and through intermediaries. Accused Maraikkar, Shamsuddeen, Najeeb and Sajeev tried to influence the witnesses more often.

In the case’s preliminary witness examination, 13 witnesses had defected. Seven of them have altered the confidential statement that was provided earlier in court. Only two people provided testimony in the prosecution’s favour.

At the same time, new proof that the accused had intervened to influence the case’s witnesses came to light. There is evidence that the witnesses were housed in a luxurious lodge in Mannarkkad. After taking into account these evidences supplied by the prosecution, the trial judge cancelled the accused’s bail.

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