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Large-scale demonstration by fishermen in vizhinjam

Fishermen in Vizhinjam are on a robust strike with a number of demands, including safe housing. The protests are still going strong after the seventh day on land and at sea. The police-erected barricades were destroyed by the protesters. Numerous demonstrators broke down the gate and infiltrated the construction site.

Land and marine routes were stopped by protesters. By picking the lock, access was gained to the project. The police’s two-tiered roadblock was dismantled. At Poonthura, hundreds of demonstrators rode in hundreds of vehicles to the port’s entrance.

Fishermen are travelling by boat to the port building site. Fishermen are migrating to the port building industry. The action is to invade the port development zone in protest. The fishermen’s stance is that they won’t give in to the government’s requests without receiving a formal guarantee of them.

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