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Kudayathur landslide: Two bodies found

In the Kudayathur, Idukki landslide, another body was discovered. There are still three people missing who are underground. The Sangamam Kavala Maliekal Colony was where the landslide took place. The entire house of chitalichal Soman was swept away. The morning’s search turned up Mother Thangamma’s body.

With the aid of earthmoving equipment, the rescue effort is being carried out actively. In light of the likelihood of more landslides, officials have advised prudence. The second body’s identity has not been established. At the time of the incident, Soman, his wife Sheeja, their son Devanand, daughter Shaiba, and Soman’s mother Thankamma were all present in the home.

The landslide happened this morning about 3 am. The police, fire department, and townspeople have stepped up their hunt for the missing individuals. Since last evening, it has been steadily pouring. The area has not before had a landslide, according to Minister Roshi Augustine, and rescue efforts have been stepped up. In response, Dean Kuriakos, MP, said that caution should be maintained.

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