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KSRTC to recover salaries of workers who boycotted duty

The decision has been made to recover the salaries of employees who skipped work in opposition to the KSRTC service restructuring. The CMD issued an order requiring the employees who caused the firm to suffer loss to pay back the money. The request is to deduct Rs 9,49,510 over 5 equal installments from the salaries of 111 employees.

The action affected the staff at the depos in Papanamkot, Vikas Bhavan, City, and Perurkada, which ceased operations on June 26. 8 conductors lost Rs. 1,35,000 in income as a result of the Pappanamkot depo’s service suspension; 13 drivers at Vikas Bhavan lost Rs. 2,10,382; 12 conductors, 17 conductors, and 11 drivers of the city unit lost Rs. 2,74,050; The recovery of the lost Rs 3,30,075 from the 25 conductors and 25 drivers of the Perurkada depo was also ordered.

In addition, on July 12, 2021, it was decided that the loss of Rs 40,277 should be split evenly among the 8 employees as a result of the service being cancelled due to the absence of 8 workers from the Parassala depo in protest of the implementation of spread over duty.

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