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KSRTC to launch a “love” ride on Valentine’s Day

The KSRTC and love have always been associated with the colour red. The state road transport corporation may have been motivated by the tie that ties the two to develop a strategy to honour Valentine’s Day, the festival of love.

Beyond being “all hat and no cattle,” it aspires to make this February 14 memorable by arranging a unique journey for loved ones.

The corporation has planned a one-day journey from Koothattukulam in Ernakulam to Kollam to appeal to their need for a quiet holiday. The journey was also scheduled as a part of the depot’s 100th trip.

At 5.45 am, the journey will start from the Koothattukulam stand. Tourist attractions like Munroe Island, Sambranikodi, and a beach in Kollam will be shown to travellers. At 11 p.m., the “Valentine’s Day” bus will arrive back in Koothattukulam.

The cost of this unique journey is Rs 1,070 per person, and the corporation has reserved a 51-seater bus for the occasion.

“We wanted to give the department’s 100th trip a particular feel. Additionally, we made the event special for the passengers so they would remember it fondly, according to Prasanth Velikakam, chief coordinator of the Koothattukulam depot’s budget tourist cell.

As part of its low-cost tourist programme, KSRTC took a trip from Koothattukulam to Anchuruly, Idukki, in April.

The “Valentine’s Day” trip, according to Prasanth, will feature boat journeys to Munroe Island, which provides a relaxing experience of travelling through mangroves. The majority of the passengers who have purchased tickets are middle-aged adults, in contrast to the department’s expectations of a primarily younger clientele. “Even though we just recently announced the trip, it has garnered positive feedback. The journey would interestingly include senior citizens and perhaps whole families, Prasanth continued. The KSRTC has received approximately ’50 lakh in revenue from the budget tourist project just from the Koothattukulam depot.

“Most of our trips are to locations inaccessible to tourist buses. Trips to Gavi, Mamalakandam, and other such forested areas have a large number of takers. We have arranged a trip to Gavi on February 22 and 27,” Prasanth said. For booking, people can contact 944-722-3121.

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