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KSRTC pension will be distributed from Monday

KSRTC pension will be distributed from Monday. The cooperative consortium’s time frame has also been extended. The contract, which was scheduled to expire on June 30, was postponed until June 2019. Due to a lack of agreement, two months of pension had been suspended, according to article 24. Then something was done about it. Without a pension, 41000 retirees are in difficult circumstances.

The finance department has yet to make a decision despite the court’s directive that the government pay KSRTC employees’ salary distribution. The problem will be resolved during a meeting the very following day in front of the Chief Minister. The government was ordered by the High Court to pay KSRTC Rs 103 crore as salaries and benefits for the months of July and August. Additionally, it was urged that a decision be made within 10 days.

But the finance department thinks that regularly paying a sizable sum to an organisation outside the budget will set a negative example. If the money is going to be a part of an unique package, a decision needs to be made about duty reform and transfer protection. However, the unions are stymied by this problem. As a result, it was decided that the Chief Minister could attend the debate. The Chief Minister’s suggestion is up for consensus. A potential appeal against the High Court’s judgement ordering the government to make a payment is also being considered.

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