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KK Shailaja rejects Magsaysay award

KK Shailaja, a former health minister and MLA, rejects the Magsaysay award. The CPIM central leadership gave the go-ahead for the decision to reject the award. K Shailaja was suggested by the gathering to accept the prize.

Due to her involvement in campaigns to prevent the spread of Nipah and Covid, KK Shailaja was given consideration for the award. The Nipah and covid prevention are a part of collective intervention, Shailaja MLA responded to the awarding foundation.

According to CPIM, the foundation receives funding from corporations. Additionally, CPIM claimed that he was the one responsible for the deaths of communist guerrillas, including those in Vietnam.

The party believes that former Philippine president Ramon Magsaysay killed communist revolutionaries because he was anti-communist.

The first Malayali to be given consideration for the Magsaysay Award is KK Shailaja. The honour is also referred to as Asia’s Nobel Prize. A grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund started the award in 1957. This honour is given to people who contribute positively to society and is named after the former president of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay.

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