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Khan to send the bill to the President, suggested by his legal advisor

Gopakumaran Nair, the legal adviser for Raj Bhavan, has recommended Governor Arif Muhammed Khan to send the President the bill to oust the governor as chancellor of the state universities.

According to findings, Khan has been cautioned against making decisions that will have an impact on the Governor on his own.

The choice would take longer if the bill were sent to the President. This may delay the government’s efforts to get the governor ejected from the position of chancellor.

Khan remarked on Thursday that “authorities superior” to him should make the decision about the legislation, indicating his opposition to such a move.

At a press conference outside of an event in the state capital, Khan stated that running universities was not his responsibility. “I’m not in charge of running the universities. The Vice-Chancellors will manage the universities. The Chancellor’s responsibility is to uphold the independence of the institutions. Make sure there is no interference at the universities”, he urged.

All bills voted by the Assembly in December have been signed by the Governor, with the exception of the one relating to the nomination of the Chancellor.

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