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Kerala’s government to create a special team to get PWD in order

PWD Minister P A Mohamed Riyas announced on Friday that the Kerala government has decided to form a special inspection team to oversee the proper operation of Public Works Department offices throughout the state. The minister also stated that the introduction of the new inspection department will improve the overall operation of the offices. He was addressing during a press conference in Thiruvananthapuram.

The chiefs of the corresponding departments are currently checking to see how the public works offices are operating. A straight inspection was carried out at the Chief Architect’s office on Thursday. The Internal Vigilance Team and the secretary of the Public Works Department have been tasked with looking into and compiling a report on the irregularities discovered during the inspection, including shortcomings in the punching statement. After receipt of the report, action will be taken. The minister emphasised that such improper behaviour would not be tolerated.

PWD Minister P A Mohamed Riyas also extended his heartfelt gratitude to Minister Nitin Gadkari of the Union Surface Transport Department for granting funds for the construction of the National Highway within the jurisdiction of the state’s Public Works Department.

“The development of two national highways will cost a total of Rs. 804.76 crore, according to the Center. Of these, Rs. 350.75 crore has been set aside for land acquisition for the construction of the Adimali-Kumali National Highway, and Rs. 454.1 crore has been set aside for the Malaparamba-Puthuppadi road, which runs along National Highway 766 and connects the Kozhikode district with Wayanad. The bypasses at Koduvalli and Thamarassery, which were the state government’s top priorities, have also been taken into account in the project”, according to Riyas.

According to Riyas, the construction of the two highways for which the money has been set aside would be carried out in a military manner. Riyas claims that the project proposed by the Public Works and National Roads Department has received financial approval.

“A project proposal was presented for improving 35 kilometres of National Highway 766. Land purchase for a two-lane road with paved shoulders is permitted financially. The expansion of National Highway 766 had received special focus during Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s meeting with Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari,” he added.

The minister claimed that after taking over the Public Works Department, he had discussed this matter with Gadkari. The first stage of land acquisition was then given financial support.

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