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KC Lithara’s Death: Coach’s men threatened the family

Complaint that the family of basketball player KC. Lithara has been pressured by coach Ravi Singh’s supporters to drop the investigation into her unsolved death. He was accused of threatening to drop the case. 25 lakhs were promised as payment. The family complained to the Kuttyadi police about this.

The threat to K.C. Lithara’s family comes as the Bihar police work to wrap up their probe into the inexplicable death of the Malayalee basketball player. The death, according to the parents, was caused by coach Ravising’s alleged physical and psychological abuse.

But in their inquiry, the Bihar police did not take this into account. The coach hasn’t been questioned just yet. No action was taken about the investigation report, according to investigative officer Shambhu Singh. The family will petition the minister of sports for government assistance.

KC Lithara was discovered hanged at her Patna home on April 26. After a post-mortem, the body was kept in the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences before being given to the relatives on April 27.

The postmortem was performed on the day of her death, at approximately 1.40 pm. The alleged coach Ravisingh was being treated in a hospital at the time. A police report was made against Ravi Singh based on his uncle Rajeev’s accusation, but nothing happened.

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