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Kattakkada incident: HC will consider it again today

Today, the High Court will review the case involving the beating of a father and daughter by KSRTC staff at Kattakkada. The court has requested a report outlining the actions taken thus far. The KSRTC has also been ordered by Justice Devan Ramachandran to provide information about the matter.

The assault of a father and daughter in Kattakkada by KSRTC staff was deemed disturbing by the High Court yesterday. The passengers’ treatment was also questioned by the court. Additionally, KSRTC was told to talk with the assaulted parent and daughter immediately and write a report.

The court will review this report before taking any further action. KSRTC has acknowledged in court that there had been a mistake on the side of the staff. The police should have been notified when the issue started, and the staff should not have gotten involved personally, claims KSRTC’s initial report. Four employees had previously been suspended.

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