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Kannur University VC’s legal advice is a Serious Violation; The governor is prepared to take severe action

Arif Mohammad Khan, the governor, is getting prepared to hit Kannur University’s vice chancellor seriously. According to legal counsel provided to the Raj Bhavan, Vice Chancellor Gopinath Ravindran committed grave errors. When the Delhi Governor returns on August 25, the Raj Bhavan said that the VC would be punished for his actions.
The Vice Chancellor’s remarks and interviews following the Governor’s appointment of Priya Varghese, the spouse of the Chief Minister’s Private Secretary KK Ragesh, as an associate professor at Kannur University, served as the impetus for the move.

The Governor’s decision to obstruct Priya Varghese’s appointment had already been opposed by the Kannur University Syndicate, who had intended to initiate a lawsuit.

According to legal counsel provided to the Raj Bhavan, publicly announcing that legal action would be conducted against the Governor—who is responsible for choosing the VC—and calling a syndicate meeting to discuss legal action are grave legal violations. The Governor is getting ready to take harsh action against Gopinath Ravindran in light of this.

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