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K-smart: An app for local government, in the works

On April 1, an app called K-Smart will be released for using the services of Kerala’s urban local self-governments. The smartphone app would provide access to many services provided by local civic entities. This was declared by Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan in his policy address to the Kerala Legislative Assembly on Monday, coinciding with the start of the Budget Session.

Other recommendations are as follows

Agri-business and agro-food parks would be promoted through the formation of the Kerala Agri-Business Company.

The veterinary services at your door concept will be expanded. Mobile veterinary surgery units will be set up.

Antibiotics and aflatoxins will be detected in milk, milk products, and livestock feed through a particular quality assurance drive.

Cooperative societies on the edge of collapse will be resurrected.

Fishing vessels will be modernised in stages.

The curriculum for vocational high school pupils should be more skill-oriented.

Autism parks will be established in schools.

Increased financial assistance to facilities caring for mentally challenged youngsters.

University certificates and grade lists will be made available via the National Academic Depository.

After obtaining authorization, Aadhaar will be seeded with land titles in order to identify the stakeholders.

It is important to ensure fiscal federalism.

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