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Joseph Scaria is happy with the High Court’s decision to stay Priya Varghese’s appointment

Second-ranking Joseph Scaria responded to the High Court order blocking Priya Varghese’s appointment as an associate professor at Kannur University. I appreciate what the High Court did. He retaliated by saying that as a candidate, he was not given the respect he deserved. He doesn’t compete with any of the other contenders. The justice he should receive was disclosed to the court. The problems between the Governor and the VC are distinct from his problems. I’m not interested in solving their issues. He added that for a while in Kerala, only the court could be trusted in issues involving appointments of this nature.

The High Court temporarily halted Priya Varghese’s appointment as an associate professor at Kannur University. Joseph Skaria, a second-ranking petitioner, served as the foundation for the High Court’s conclusion. The cancellation of the much debated appointment is a major setback for Kannur University as well.

Priya Varghese will get notification of the revocation of the appointment via a special envoy. Priya Varghese was to be removed from the rank list, according to the petitioner’s demand. The rank list should be reorganized, according to the petition. Additionally, it was asserted in the petition that Priya Varghese did not meet the prerequisite of eight years of experience for Associate Professor.

It is said that Priya Varghese received good ratings from the committee led by the vice chancellor of Kannur University without having her research score or publications reviewed. The High Court decided to include the UGC as a party to the lawsuit after hearing the petition and staying Priya Varghese’s appointment. The UGC’s stance on the matter has also been requested by the High Court. On the 31st of this month, the High Court will revisit the issue.

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