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It Is High Time To Strengthen The Indian National Congress: Therambil Ramakrishnan

Therambil Ramakrishnan, a noted senior leader of the Indian National Congress and former speaker of the Kerala Assembly, stated that the country is in a state of crisis. While conversing with the Indian Vartha reporter, he stressed the need for strengthening the party and added that it is high time to do it.

In response to a question about specific measures for strengthening the party, he stated that internal democracy in the party organisation should be reinstated at all levels, from the bottom to the top, as a specific measure to strengthen the Indian National Congress. The nomination culture, according to Therambil, should be abolished, and all party office bearers, including the Congress Working Committee, the party’s highest decision-making body, should be elected. According to the Indian National Congress tradition, both the ruling and opposition parties are equally responsible and accountable for the country’s crisis, he added. “The ruling authorities control the most important pilers of the democratic set overtly and covertly through their crooked manifestations,” he added. He further said that the ruling party, with the arrogance of a parliamentary majority, completely disregards the opinions of others, whether correct or incorrect; no consideration is given to the views of the opposition, which is not good for the healthy growth of democracy.

The Indian National Congress, which has roots in every nook and cranny and representation in all the states and union territories, could effectively resist this trend. Under the circumstances, the Congress party is saddled with the heavy burden of bringing all like-minded parties together; the party should demonstrate willingness to make reasonable adjustments to achieve this in order to protect democracy in the country, which the people of the country still love and respect.

The ruling dispensation’s actions against the provisions of the constitution and democratic principles and beliefs will strengthen resistance to such democratic trends, and the people of the country are in great anxiety following the crooked manipulation of the ruling dispensation in snatching even the judiciary. The independent judiciary is very important for the growth of democracy.

The union government’s policy of appointing retired judges as governors of states or nominating them to the Rajya Sabha is against democratic principles and quite immoral as well. The union government adheres to the country’s “divide and rule” policy, which is currently manifesting and being implemented. Under the circumstances, he believes it is critical for the Congress party’s leadership to bring together all parties that believe in democracy for the sake of the country’s safety and security. 

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