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Is it ‘unparliamentary’ to discuss inflation: Priyanka Gandhi slams govt

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is increasing household expenditure while shying away from a discussion on it in Parliament, and asked whether it is “unparliamentary” to discuss inflation.

The Congress said it is “cruel” on the part of the government to raise taxes on some essential items of consumption as it will lead to a further rise in inflation.

In a tweet in Hindi, Ms. Vadra said that in the midst of severe inflation, households needed “sanjeevani” (major boost).

The BJP-led government increased the burden of inflation further by imposing “Grihasthi Satyanash Tax (GST)” (household destruction tax) on flour, grains, jaggery and curd, she said.

“Narendra Modi ji is increasing the expenditure and is shying away from discussion in Parliament. Is it ‘unparliamentary’ to discuss inflation?” the Congress leader said.

The Congress general secretary also tweeted a picture of Opposition leaders staging a protest in Parliament premises against inflation and the hike in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on certain commodities of daily use.

The Congress and other parties have been seeking a discussion in Parliament on the issue of inflation and GST rates. Parliament has witnessed disruptions over the issue ever since the start of the Monsoon Session on Monday.

A five per cent GST has kicked in on pre-packaged and labelled food items such as cereals, pulses and flour weighing less than 25 kg. For a commodity measured in litres like curd and ‘lassi, the limit is 25 litres.

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