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IRCTC online booking flaw, upsets passengers: UP

A strange occurrence involved a traveller who boarded a train from Lucknow to Varanasi and discovered that he had been assigned a seat that did not exist.

Vijay Kumar Shukla was given seats 74 and 75 in the C1 carriage of the 14204 Lucknow-Varanasi Intercity Express on Monday since he was travelling with his brother.

When he got on the train, he saw that his coach had just 73 seats. Through IRCTC, he had purchased the tickets online.

“Such occurrences, according to a travelling ticket examiner (TTE), are frequent, and he has protested to the relevant department and higher officials about the error in ticket booking. However, no steps have been taken to fix the technology issue thus far” Shukla added.

“There are 75 seats available in the coach as shown by the server. The TTE further claimed that he has been the target of many passengers’ screams and insults “Shukla threw in.

Ashish Singh, the station director of the Charbagh railway station, noted the technical issue and stated: “Our attention has been drawn to this issue. The Centre for Railway Information Systems, which is in charge of maintaining the vast majority of Indian Railways’ important information systems, has been informed of the situation. If the issue continues, we will investigate it.”

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