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International Strange Music Day, August 24

By Aneesh Mohanan

This is one day that will satisfy the peculiar musical soul of individuals who have a taste for the unusual and eccentric! When it comes to going beyond the norm and widening one’s perspective, International Strange Music Day pulls out all the stops.The word “strange” can refer to something that is both unfamiliar and peculiar. The decision is completely up to the individual. In either scenario, the goal of International Strange Music Day is to broaden one’s musical horizons.

The origins of the International Strange Music Day

Patrick Grant, a composer and musician from New York City at the time, established International Strange Music Day. The goal of the day is straightforward: to encourage participants to play and listen to musical genres they have never experienced before.

According to Patrick Grant, who lived by the motto “listening without bias,” widening people’s musical horizons can also alter how society views other facets of life.

In reality, Grant used Strange Music Day in 1997 to advertise his brand-new album, “Fields Amaze.” The reason he chose August 24 was because it was the birthday of his girlfriend’s father, who had served as a sort of artistic mentor to him.

The day had grown and been adopted by other musicians and venues by 2002. He took the decision to add the “International” part to the moniker after learning that the day had arrived in Europe.

This expanding movement is currently associated with events like concerts, runs a record label, and enjoys strong backing from summer schools that value it as a fantastic method to engage students’ minds.

When Patrick Grant invited the musicians of New York to take part in an International Strange Music Day Performance Soiree, the year 2012 gained further motivation. Jolly Ramey, The Dreamscape Floppies, Da Groove Commanders, Micro-tons o’ Fun, and a host of other odd bands and musicians are just a few examples.

Since then, celebrations of the day have been held in New York and numerous other towns and cities around the country. The University of London is one of the locations throughout the globe that has been known to join in the fun.

Today is International Strange Music Day, so let’s celebrate!

The Importance of Strange Music

Strange Music plays a significant role in the music industry and significantly influences musical culture. Some of history’s most recognisable and important songs are the result of it.

Strange Music Day honours all things strange music, including the musicians who create it and the fans who adore it. It’s a day to celebrate everything Strange, including the music and the cultures it has spawned.

Due to its reputation in many cultures as the “month of the witch,” August is a unique month. The reason Strange Music Day is also known as Witchita Witchita Day is because of this. It honours everything witchy, including the music and the civilizations it has influenced.

What Advantages Come from Listening to Strange Music?

Strange music is frequently seen as a subgenre of music that is not frequently listened to by the general public. However, there are numerous advantages to enjoying weird music.Strange music, for instance, can promote rest and stress reduction. It can also be used for artistic endeavours like writing poetry or music.

For instance, strange music can also be a means for you to examine your own emotions and sentiments. It can also be a means to meet people with like tastes in the genre.

Overall, there are several advantages to listening to strange music. Explore some of the various genres of strange music if you’re trying to unwind or de-stress. Try listening to strange music that is connected to your personal hobbies if you’re looking for ways to connect with individuals.


International Strange Music Day will be observed globally on August 24th, 2022! Today is dedicated to music that is unusual or unpopular and is outside the mainstream. I hope you take some time to listen to some strange music on International Strange Music Day, whether you prefer avant-garde jazz, experimental electronica, or any other genre. More importantly, I hope that on this special day you will learn to value the distinctive and perhaps difficult sounds that characterise modern music.

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