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Indonesia concert K Pop band ends after 30 people faint in stampede

After 30 people passed out in a crowd, the K-pop group NCT 127 was forced to finish their maiden performance in Indonesia early, according to the authorities.
After more than 130 people, including more than 40 children, perished in a stadium stampede last month, one of the bloodiest tragedies in football history, Indonesia is still in shock.

The event near Jakarta had been going on for around two hours when spectators started pushing forward to get closer to the stage, according to police spokesperson Endra Zulpan late on Friday.

We decided to end the concert at 9.20 PM (1420 GMT) to prevent other accidents after 30 individuals fainted as a result, Zulpan said, adding that the supporters who had collapsed have recovered.

The boyband had been distributing freebies just before the crush.

She claimed that backstage supporters pressed forward toward the stage until the barricade railings gave way.

“We are dissatisfied with those supporters. Even the NCT 127 members warned us not to push one another, yet they were extremely petty. They disregarded others’ safety just to get some decent footage “She spoke.

The police have given the go-ahead for the second day of NCT 127’s concert on Saturday but have prohibited the giving out of freebies and called for stronger steps to keep spectators and artists apart.

“We apologise for causing you anxiety during your first show in Indonesia. We hope that this occurrence will teach us how to adhere to safety laws better and to care more about others “She spoke.

Police in Jakarta last weekend called off the third day of the Berdendang Bergoyang music festival after over 30 individuals passed out from crowd overcrowding.

At a Halloween celebration in Seoul that same day, a crowd rush resulted in the deaths of over 150 individuals.

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