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India’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant will be handed over to the nation tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Prime Minister will present the nation with INS Vikrant, the first aircraft carrier made in India to bolster the Indian Navy. As a result, Kochi Shipyard can claim the honour of being the first shipyard in the nation to construct an aircraft carrier.

30 aircraft may be stored on the ship’s 262 metres of length and 59 metres of height at once. The largest aircraft carrier vessel ever constructed in the nation is the INS Vikrant. The flight deck of the ship spans two fields of football. India is the source of 76% of the construction’s materials.

In 2007, work on building INS Vikrant began. Spending of 20,000 crore rupees over 15 years. As the Prime Minister gives the ship over to the country, INS Vikrant will formally join the Indian Navy. The ship will serve as the foundation of the Indian army in Port Muna if there is another conflict.

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