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India would  be world’s third  largest  economy  by overcoming Japan by 2030: S&P Agency

By  our  Financial  Correspondent

Mumbai, Oct 25  (IVC)     India  would  be  the world’s    third  largest  economy  by  overcoming Japan by 2030,  according to  Standard  and Poor Global  rating  agency.

                India  would become  the world’s  third  largest  economic power  after  overcoming  Japan  and Germany  in  a period  of seven  years, S&P’s intelligence  report  said  here  recently. By  that  time,  India  would  be the  second  largest  economic power in the  Asia Pacific Zone, the  report  revealed.

                India  had  overcome  UK  and France  in  2022  in  the  economic growth and the  country  is  expected  to achieve  an  impressive  economic  growth in  2023  as  was  done in  2021  and 2022.

                India  would achieve  an economic growth  in between 6.2  per  cent  and  6.3  per  cent in the  fiscal 2023-24 and  thus  India  would become  the fastest growing economy  in the  world,  the report  added.

                In next  10  years  also  India would attain  an  impressive  economic  growth . Now  USA  is on top  of  world’s  economic power with  $25.5  trillion  of Gross  Domestic  products (GDP)  which  works  out  to  25  per cent of the world’s  GDP . China stands  second  with $18  trillion  and 17.9  per cent of the world’s  GDP   and Japan  placed    third  with  $4.2  trillion GDP  and  Germanys  stands  on the  fourth  place, S&P’s  Market  Intelligence  revealed.  IVC ckg Bmi.

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