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India: Policeman suspended for consulting a spiritual guru to solve a murder case

Bhopal: An ASI assigned to the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh has been suspended after it was claimed that he sought advice from a self-described spiritual leader in order to solve a murder case.

After a video of ASI Ashok Sharma asking a purported spiritual guru for assistance in finding the murderer of a 17-year-old girl appeared on social media, the suspension order against him was issued.

The ASI could be seen presenting the spiritual guru with a list of suspects while keeping his hands folded. The guru then said “Your list contains a few names, so I’ll take a few of them. The primary accuser is the name that is missing from your list.”

He then took three names and said, “Now you know who that person is. For the purposes of this case, you have detained him for questioning.”

A 17-year-old woman was killed on July 28 in the Chhatarpur district, close to the Bamitha police station.

Following public criticism of the police system in response to the video of the ASI requesting assistance from the spiritual leader, Chhatarpur SP Sachin Sharma issued an order of suspension against ASI Sharma.

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