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In Kerala, the price of gold ‘a pawan’ has surpassed Rs 41,000

The state’s gold price has surpassed Rs 41,000. One Pawan gold is priced at Rs 41,040. 5,130 per gram. Yesterday, one Pawan gold was priced at Rs 40,880. 5,110 per gram and Rs. 560 rupees increase in gold price in five days.

The cost of gold is skyrocketing on the global market. The price per troy ounce is $1,851.

Prices on the domestic market have increased as a result of price increases on the global market. One of the highest gold prices ever noted in the state was at the moment. Gold’s price increased to Rs 40,560 per pav in March of last year before dropping. But the cost of gold is currently rising every day. The price of gold increased to Rs 40,480 on December 31. In December, this rate was the highest.

The cost of gold was Rs 39,000 on December 1. In December, this rate was the lowest. Gold has had the largest return for investors over the past year when compared to other assets. Pavan has a price tag of Rs 36,360 as of January 1st, 2022. In a year, the price of gold increased by 4,120 rupees. Over two years of gold, any currency gains on average between 10 and 15 percent. Bonds and stocks have not been able to match gold’s gains over the past two years.

On November 1, gold was priced at Rs 37,280 in Kerala. On November 17, the price of a pavan of gold increased by Rs. 600 to Rs. 39,000. It increased by Rs 75 to Rs 4,875 per gramme. Since November, this price has increased the most. On November 4, prices experienced a sharp decline. 60 rupees per gramme and 480 rupees per pawan. The cost per pawan and gramme was Rs 36,880 and Rs 4610, respectively. This is the lowest pricing for the month of November.

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