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HC instructs the Govt to determine if SNOU’s distant learning courses have UGC clearance

High Court to determine whether Sri Narayana Guru Open University’s distant learning programmes have UGC approval. The state administration was also tasked by the High Court with verifying which courses are authorized.

The Higher Education Secretary was told by the High Court. Additionally, the state’s colleges were not permitted to provide distance education programmes, according to the administration. Only the Open University is permitted to run distance education courses, under the ruling issued on June 9. The court’s current intervention stems from petitions the students filed to contest this.

The students want to be able to enroll in distant education courses offered by other universities in Kerala. The students testified before the court that the UGC had denied the Open University authorization to run the courses. Students also drew attention to the government rule that prohibits other Kerala universities from offering distance education programmes.

Additionally, the UGC informed the court that the university was not permitted to begin offering remote learning courses this year. The UGC informed the court that they could carry on if other universities were permitted to offer the programme concurrently.

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