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Identification parade of Martin holds

By  our  Legal  Correspondent

Kochi, Nov 04  (IVC)    After  a lot of dilly-dallying over timing,  the police  on Nov 03,  held the identification  parade of Martin V D, 57 years, who allegedly  carried out   the blasts at the annual regional  convention of Jehovah’s  Witnesses  at  Kalamassery  near  here on October  29 , at  the  Ernakulam District  prison  at nearby Kakanad  yesterday  afternoon.

It is learnt that at  least  three of  the  witnesses  have identified  the accused  in  the presence of  a judicial first  class magistrate .

                However it cannot  be independently  verified as  the  Special  Investigation Team probing  the  case has  pulled  a complete veil of  secrecy over  the  proceedings .

                Among the  witnesses were  those  who reportedly  saw Martin at the convention centre  at  Kalamassery on the  morning  of  the  blasts  and on the premises  of his own building at Athani where he had allegedly assembled  the improvised explosive device (IED).

                More  witnesses are reportedly  set  to take part  in  a similar parade  in  the  coming  days based  on a witness list  drawn up  by   the  police.

                The  police  are  now  likely  to  approach the  district  court for Martin’s custody.  He  remains to  be  taken  to more  places  for  evidence  collection since  he  has  so  far been taken  to  his  building at Athani  alone.

                He  will to be  taken to the  site  of  blast ,  the  outlets  from where   he claimed   to have  procured  petrol  and  crackers for  making  the IEDs, electrical  components and the remote  control.

                He  will also have  to be  taken to  the lodge  in  Thrissur where  he  allegedly made  social media  posts  claiming  responsibility  for  the  blasts. The  police  are also awaiting results of  the  forensic examination  of  his  mobile  phone. Notwithstanding Martin’s claim that he alone was  behind the blasts,  a  detailed  investigation may  be  needed to  rule out  the  involvement of  anyone else.

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