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Husband hacks  to death  his young wife

By  our  Correspondent

Kaankol  (Kannur)   A  35-year  old  husband of  K V  Prasanna  (32) hacked  to death his  wife  and separated  her  head  from victim’s body  and placed  in  a pool  of  blood  at  Kaankol  on October  25 following  family  quarrels,  police  said.

                The  accused  Shaji    surrendered  before the  Payyannoor   police  and confessed  the  crime  of  killing  his  wife  Prasanna.

                Their  marriage  was  solemnized  10  years   ago and  they  were staying  separately  for one and a half year     following  family  quarrels   and strong difference  of  opinion,  police  added.

The  deceased  Prasanna  and her  three children  were  staying  at  her  natal  house  along  with  her  mother  and  brother at  Payyalil

                Prasanna  had  come   to  participate  in the marriage  near  the house  of  Shaji  at  Kaankol  and  paid  a visit  to Shaji’s  house  for  taking  the certificate  of  her  children.

                Shaji  was  in his  house  when  Prasanna   entered      into   it     and there  was  an   altercation  between  them   which led  to  the   felony,  police  said.  Prasanna’s  body  was  found lying  in  a pool  of  blood   at Shaji’s house  and the  accused   removed  the  head  of  his  wife’s body  and placed it  over  a   meter away  from  the  body,  police  added.

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