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Hartal: Police warn of action if rumors are spread through social media

Kerala Police has warned that those who spread false information, rumours, and rumours about the hartal via WhatsApp and other social media platforms will face legal action. Vijay Sakhar, ADGP of the Law and Order Division, was informed. It has been ordered to begin cyber patrolling on social media in order to find those spreading such propaganda.

Strict legal action will be taken against those who obstruct people’s movement on the day of the hartal. District police chiefs have been directed to provide security for government offices, institutions, and public transportation systems, including KSRTC.

Anil Kant, the state police chief, has directed all district police chiefs to take the necessary measures to maintain law and order on Friday, the hartal day.

Violators and those who forcibly close down businesses will be arrested right away. Protesters will not be allowed to congregate in public places, according to police. If necessary, provisional detention is also prescribed.

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