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Govt requires license to prepare Shawarma in the state

State government guidelines for shawarma preparation. A punishment of up to five lakh rupees and six months in jail may be imposed for driving without a licence.

Shawarma shouldn’t be produced in an open, dusty setting, according to state government regulations. Do not use the leftover meat for shawarma after four hours. The time and date must be precisely written on the package. Additionally, it should be accurately noted that it must be used within an hour of purchase.

The government has released new regulations about shawarma-related food poisoning. All food preparation requires a food safety licence. Shawarma fits into this as well.

Both the cook and the delivery person need valid medical identification. Cooks need to be trained in and certified in food safety. Only purchase products from FSSAI-approved vendors. The consumption of vegetables must also strictly adhere to the rules.

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