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Govt moves to amend University Act Amendment bill

The government has moved to persuade the governor. The administration is taking changes to the University Act Amendment Bill under consideration. The goal is to get around the requirement that the Vice-Chairman of the Council of Higher Education serve as the committee’s convener when looking for a new VC. Instead, it is decided that a Higher Education Council representative will do.

According to the government, appointing conveners who have close ties to universities will violate the UGC regulations. The government is unsure, though, of its ability to persuade the governor with the proposed amendment.

The re-appointment of the Vice Chancellor at Kannur University, according to Governor Arif Mohammad Khan, was made at the Chief Minister’s request. The governor’s latest admission on Kannur VC Gopinath Ravindran’s reappointment comes as the battle between the governor and the government heats up.

Even if the Assembly approves the Bills, according to Governor Arif Muhammad Khan, they won’t be approved without constitutional review. Any bill can be approved by government. The governor’s justification, however, is that a constitutional review will be carried out.

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