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Future Delhi station design is shared by Railways

The renovated New Delhi Railway Station will be a futuristic, glass edifice with a domed shape, according to images posted on Twitter by the railways ministry on Saturday, which they described as “creating (of) a new era.” Users’ reactions to the design, however, have been contradictory.

According to the suggested design, the station will include a twin tower with 40 stories, multi-level parking, and pick-up and drop-off areas. There will be 2.22 lakh square metres of built-up space.

The twin tower will have room for a hotel as well as offices and retail establishments. The railways will have a 45,000 square metre office of its own. On-site development will include 91 bus bays, 1,500 ECS parking spaces, and skywalks for walkers and metro users.

While some praised the design for its “state-of-the-art structure,” others believed that such a complicated design was unnecessary. Some people thought that the proposed building’s glass structure would radiate more heat during Delhi’s blistering summers.

“Glass structure amid the heat of New Delhi Simply squandering money on fancy aesthetics to show vikas not that useful, “a user stated. This glass building will require a sizable power plant to keep it cool because it copied Western architecture without considering the weather.

“Even though I like this design, I think Indian culture can be incorporated into the walls and interiors. That will be a nice fusion of the old and the new.”

Others, on the other hand, admired modern architecture. One user said, “This is what world-class infrastructure looks like.” UAE lag raha (Looks like UAE), said another.

Based on a statement from the Railways, the proposed station’s architectural expression reflects both traditional and contemporary Indian culture, giving it a distinct identity.

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, has pledged the government’s complete support and expressed his hope that the project will be as aesthetically pleasing and rich as it has been portrayed to be.

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