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From December 28, 2024, all gadgets sold in the EU must support USB Type-C

We now have a date for when the new EU “Common Charger” rule will take effect thanks to its publication in the Official Journal. Every device sold in the EU after December 28, 2024 must have a USB Type-C port, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, earbuds, headsets, portable speakers, e-readers, keyboards, mice, and portable navigation systems. Additionally, USB Power Delivery must be used if the charging power is greater than 15W.

This will certainly impact Apple, as the media has widely reported since the law was simply a suggestion, but other device makers will have to ensure USB-PD compatibility if their products charge at rates more than 15W. Furthermore, because this rule only applies to wired charging, Apple may simply elect to remove the charging connector from its iPhones entirely and rely solely on wireless charging. That would not violate these regulations, and it is a move that has been widely speculated about.

The same restrictions surrounding the use of USB Type-C will apply to laptops beginning April 28, 2026. The next stage is for EU member states to implement and publish the laws, regulations, and administrative requirements required to comply with this directive by December 28, 2023.

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