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Four Congress workers including Rahul Gandhi’s PA detained for defaming Gandhiji

In connection with the attack on Rahul Gandhi, MPs, Wayanad office four Congress employees have been detained. Four people were arrested by the police in a case involving slandering Gandhi’s reputation, including the MP’s PA. MPs PA Ratheesh, Naushad, Rahul Ravi, and Mujeeb were all taken into custody. Two of them work for Rahul Gandhi’s office.

Rahul Gandhi’s office was allegedly stormed by SFI activists, who also allegedly destroyed Gandhi’s portrait. However, there was a photograph of Gandhiji on the wall in the video taken after the SFI activists damaged the office. However, it was later discovered smashed on the ground. This generated a lot of debate. Since then, claims that the Gandhi portrait had been destroyed by Congress employees have been made. Following the inquiry, the police have detained four people.

The issue of disparaging Gandhi’s image was more serious. Rahul Gandhi’s office was trashed by SFI activists, who also left a banana there. The Gandhi image has been destroyed, however, according to the Congress workers themselves.

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