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Food poisoning death of a woman: Health inspector targeted, LDF on strike against suspension

Supervisor of Municipal Health MR. Sanu was placed on leave awaiting an inquiry. Mayor Binzi Sebastian informed the secretary of the suspension decision on Tuesday night. Yesterday, the order was signed by the secretary. The decision will be brought up for approval at the council meeting.

The Kerala Municipal and Corporation Staff Organization, a union that supports the CPM, has MR as its district secretary. Objecting to the decision being leaked before the municipal secretary signed it, opposition councillors and the staff union raised their concerns. The councillors and staff union members surrounded the mayor and secretary in turn under the direction of LDF party leader Sheeja Anil. The walkout lasted for one and a half hours. Additionally, the union went on a lightning strike.

The Municipal Corporation’s Kumaranallur Regional Office is responsible for managing the hotel park where the food poisoning incident took place. The regional office staff was not questioned about this. The municipal secretary also shares accountability. Furthermore, the LDF argued that punishing the supervisor only is not acceptable.

They were punished since they were found guilty in the preliminary investigation, according to Municipal Chairman Binzi Sebastian. The kitchen at the Park Hotel is split into two sections. The health department approved opening the hotel even though this issue had not been addressed despite the fact that all other issues had been fixed.

The health department has failed. There are more inquiries ongoing. The offenders will face punishment. Politics have no place in this. The mayor referred to the politically motivated strike as absurd.

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