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Five  IIT Palakad  faculty enters “world’s top two per cent scientists”

By  our  science  correspondent

Palakad, Oct  21 (IVC)    Five  faculty  members  of the  Indian Institute of  Technology (IIT) Palakad, have  been  included   in the  latest list  of the “world’s top  two  per  cent scientists” released  by  the   Stanford  University,  California, USA.

                Last  year  IIT  Palakad  had  three  of  its  teachers  on  the  Stanford University’s   global  top  scientists’ list,  IIT  sources said.

                The  list features   two  distinctive categories : entire  career until  2022  and  for  the  single  year  2022.

                In the  first  category,  A  Seshadri  Sekhar,  Director   of IIT  Palakad and Jagadeesh  Bayry,  Professor  at the  Department of Biological  Sciences and  Engineering   have  found a  place.  In this category  ,  as  many  as 2,04,633 scientists  were  acknowledged worldwide. 

                In  the  single  year 2022 category,  four  faculty  members   from  IIT   Palakad  had  made a significant mark.  Apart  from  Prof  Bayry , Yogender  Goud Kotagiri,  Ramanujan    Fellow  from  the Department   of  Chemistry, Abdul Rasheed  P, DBT  Ramalingaswami  Fellow  from  thr  Department Chemistry  and  Biological Sciences  and  Engineering  and  M Sabarimalai  Manikandan,  Associate  Professor   at  the  Department  of Electrical  Engineering, were featured   among the  world’s   top  scientists.

                IIT  Palakad  sources    expressed   happiness   at  the  improvement  in the  institution’s  performance .  “This   remarkable accomplishment highlights the  growing stature of  IIT  Palakad  in  scientific research”,  Prof  Sekhar  said.    

                Stanford University releases  data for  the top  two per  cent of   researchers across the  world every year  based  on their  research publications.  “This achievement reaffirms our  unwavering dedication to  research and  academic excellence” Prof.  Sekhar  added,.

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