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Fishermen’s strike in Vizhinjam enters sixth day

The Latin Archdiocese-led strike of fishermen against the port of Vizhinjam is now in its sixth day. Teachers of religious education and committee members will arrive at the protest location. Today, there will be special prayers held at the protest location. The strike is still going on because despite conversations with the administration, no decision has been made about the crucial demands put forth.

The month-long strike by fisherman is still in its fourth phase in Vizhinjam. Six days have passed since this day and night strike began in front of the port gate. Huge demonstrations across the fence in the project area over the last two days. The demonstration from yesterday drew about 1,500 individuals. To show their support, many residents of the districts of Kasaragod, Kottayam, Idukki, and Kollam gathered together.Teachers of religious instruction and committee members will arrive at the protest location today.

The government should cease building the port, undertake a scientific research, and immediately address problems like the subsidy for kerosene, according to the fishermen’s main requests. Fishermen and the Latin Church will continue to issue warnings until these issues are remedied.

At the same time, the state government also received a letter from the Adani Group demanding security for the construction work. Based on this, it is possible to increase security in the project area from today. Considering the protest situation, the District Collector has issued an order not to open liquor shops in Vizhinja area.

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