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Emphasised ‘Panch Pran’
PM Modi addressed nation

On the auspicious occasion of 75th Independence Day of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke of 5 points that can enlighten nation.

He reminded Indians that these points should keep in mind for the next 25 years, until free India turns 100.The next 25 years will be crucial for the entire development of the nation.The way the world approaches India will change, and political stability will be seen.

Unity and integrity should be maintained. One should be proud of tradition and completely liberate from the servile attitude and all the civic duties should be followed. Modi elaborated the important contents of Panch Pran.He criticized Anti-feminism in language and actions and said one should be avoided of these. Modi also said that social discipline is essential for development.The states should be competitive in the way of cooperation.

As the largest Democratic country entire nation has gone under several ups and downs in its 75 years journey. Despite the challenges, the nation has progressed and the way the world approaches India has changed. The world finds solutions for many problems from India. India also showed a glimpse of political stability, and gained the strength to overcome crises, primeminister added.

The country is on a new awakening, and this kind of spirit made the freedom struggle successful. He observed national flag camp and the fight against Covid are proof of new awakening and great success. Above all the feeling of India is the vital part of prosperity.This will lead us to united India and It has a great ancestral legacy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that he salutes the soldiers who guard India 24 hours a day.

On his address speech, Modi reminded environmental problems that the entire world is facing. Efforts must be made to address global warming, he observed.

Modi said that Indians see God in nature and life. Atmanirbhar India is not a government program but the duty of all citizens and government and need a collective effort to make it successful.

After the speech ceremony primeminister reached the Red Fort there he was received by the Defense Minister, the Joint Defense Minister and the Defense Secretary. The Prime Minister arrived wearing a tricolor turban while he hoisted the national flag at the Red Fort. Meanwhile air Force helicopters conducted a flower shower. The Red Fort was under heavy security with 10000 cops has been deployed.

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