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Drug trafficking: Mahal committee warns youth

Mahal Committee issues a warning to young people involved in drug trafficking. The Mahal Committee will not cooperate with the marriage of youths caught in intoxication cases.Those people will be kicked off from committee as well. The Kasargod Patannakkad Ansarul Islam Jamaat Committee has taken an outspoken position against drug abuse. The Mahal committee’s crucial intervention comes at a time when drug trafficking is active and endangering mankind as a whole.

On March 28, 2018, the Mahal Committee on Drug Addiction made its first decision. Action was taken against two people in the Mahal on that day. Four individuals were kicked out of the Mahal’s primary membership last Friday as the drug mafia reactivated after a long absence. According to “Madhyam,” which quotes CM Abu Bakar, general secretary of Patannakkad Ansarul Islam Jamaat Committee, the information was discovered when the police detained four people in connection with narcotics use. About ten people have already become the target of legal action.

The committee oversees 580 homes. No one connected to drug trafficking will be a part of the mahal committee, it has been agreed. If single teenagers are discovered, the mahal committee will not support their marriage. The Mahal Committee’s clearance certificate won’t be issued to the bride’s family. He will lose his primary membership in Mahal and be prohibited from attending any functions.

Youth gatherings in towns after ten o’clock at night are also outlawed. The mahal committee also recommended that parents keep an eye on their kids’ late arrivals and late returns to the house. Several organisations have come forward to applaud the Mahal committee’s choice. In person, Kanhangad DYSP congratulated the committee members.

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