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Doctors, nurses protest healthcare budget cuts in Buenos Aires

Hundreds of health workers hit the streets in Buenos Aires on Thursday, demonstrating against budget cuts in the health sector.

After IMF-agreed deficit, next year’s budget will see 1.9% cuts that will affect education, housing, healthcare, and environment ministries.

The health workers went on strike and took to the streets after calls made by the two federations of health unions: Fesprosa and Fesintras, who demand a rise in the budget and salaries.

“Inflation has finished eating our salaries, we came down very low many years ago, with salaries that never come to match inflation. But this year punctually with inflation of 100 per cent projected to December, absolutely ravaged, we all have between two to three jobs to come to the end of the month,” said a medical worker.

As part of the demonstration, protesters were seen conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation on pillows on the street.

Meanwhile, other health worker protests swept La Plata, Cordoba, Santa Fe and Jujuy, among other cities.

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