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Deep sea fishing: Central Govt announces aid to Kerala

Kerala will receive assistance from the centre for deep-sea fishing. The funding will be used to buy two ships with fish processing equipment. Amit Shah, the Union Minister in charge of the Cooperative Department, has given fish-fed the task of creating and submitting a strategy for this reason.

While visiting the fish-fed net factory, Amit Shah promised that support would be provided if certain project suggestions were submitted. 

A plan to buy two ships with fish-processing equipment is being proposed. 

The Pradhan Mantri Matsya Akhtar Yojana has already approved ten fishing vessels totaling 1.5 crores.

The Union Minister has also pledged financial support for the construction of three new fish net manufacturers at the same time. 

It will also be decided whether to lower the interest rate on loans provided by NCDC for the purchase of fishing equipment. 

Amit Shah announced that support would also be provided for the project to enhance tourism in the fish-fed farms.

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