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Concerns raised by teachers regarding the SSLC certificate issue

Despite the fact that Plus One admissions have been open for two weeks, teachers said that the complicated admissions process was caused by the delay in issuing SSLC certificates to students who passed the exam. Two months ago, the SSLC results were released, but students have yet to receive their SSLC certificates, which are required to finish the admissions process.

Anil M. George, state general secretary of the Departmental Higher Secondary School Teachers Association, stated that the SSLC certificate is an authentic document that contains all the information about a student that is required to be verified during admission, including age, marks, caste, religion, residence, eligibility for reservations, DOB, civic body, taluk, and district.

The government’s digital storage platform (Digilocker), where e-copies of certificates are available, is the only resource that students and teachers have. Digilocker is not widely available to students, and many don’t know how to use it. They have trouble getting admissions.

The association has requested that all certificates be issued by the government as soon as possible. “According to information supplied by candidates and copies of marklists downloaded from the results portal, allocations were made. All of those are verified when students submit their original SSLC certificates to the appropriate schools for admission. Mark lists that are downloaded from the result portal will not be authentic or tamper-proof copies of the originals. Due to the government’s failure to issue certificates on time, the government has not made it mandatory to submit SSLC certificates for admission,” he stated.

The education department, meanwhile, denied claims that admissions had been impacted by the SSLC certificates’ delay in issuance. “There is only the usual delay in issuing SSLC certificates. They will be distributed through schools soon. Admissions won’t be difficult for students, “said a senior education department officer.

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