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Communist Govt has not occupied any Hindu temple: K Radhakrishnan

Indu Malhotra, a retired justice of the Supreme Court, allegedly claimed that communist governments had occupied Hindu temples and are doing so for financial gain. According to Minister K Radhakrishnan, this claim is incorrect and based on misunderstanding. No Hindu temples have been occupied by the Communist Party or the LDF administration in Kerala.

The communist parties’ battles to secure the freedom of worship for all Hindu groups are documented in the history of the nation. According to K Radhakrishnan, the Communist Party-led Left Governments took steps to safeguard the religious practises and convictions of all sects.

The Minister claimed that during the tenure of the Left governments, steps were taken to recapture the Devaswom land that had been alienated, pay the temple employees in a systematic manner, and hire persons who had previously been refused access even into the temple grounds as temple employees.
The retired high court judge may have also been motivated by the long-running agitation by extremist Hindutva parties that the government should drain off the offerings to the temples. No temple’s earnings has yet been seized by the government. On the other hand, the minister said that the Devaswom Boards actually receive the necessary financial support from the government.

The state government allocated Rs 449 crores to the various Devaswom Boards over the course of five years, from 2018 to 2022, both through budgetary allocation and non-budgetary allocation, to carry out daily operations and pay staff salaries when the flood and covid caused a significant crisis in the income of the Devaswom Boards.

The rapid completion of large-scale development projects like the Sabarimala Masterplan and the provision of convenient pilgrimage facilities are major priorities for the Left Democratic Front government. In this case, the goal is to see if the populace can be entirely duped into opposing the Left-leaning government. Justice Indu Malhotra oversaw.

According to K Radhakrishnan, it is evident from such utterances how Justice Indumalhotra’s mind operated when she served as a Supreme Court justice.

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